Stereo magic thick waterproof fiber long curling mascara woman

Category: Mascara Effect of features: soft and full of elasticity plastic brush head and can be easily will each eyelash brush from the root to the tip, rapidly elongating, the abundance of natural, creating a thick and curly eyelashes effect. Let the beautiful eyelash with moving stereo, mild paste wrapped tightly root eyelashes, eyelashes more supple, glossy and no heavy feeling. Suitable for the crowd: suitable for age: 16 years of age for skin: any skin suitable for the crowd: any crowd Method of use: eyelashes: eyelashes from the roots by down lightly brushing a layer of mascara, appropriate deepen in the eye at the end to make the effect more provocative. If you want to achieve more thick eye makeup effect, you can brush a few times. - the next eyelash: the eyelash brush up, brush head with a Z font or so back and forth brush. Specification: normal size Color black

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